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Signs You Need To Book An Appointment With Your Foot Specialist

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Have you been having foot problems lately, but you keep ignoring them? Most people dread going to a foot specialist and assume the foot issue will disappear. While it's true that issues like a foot wound or ankle sprain can be fixed using conservative methods or at-home remedies, others need special care and attention from podiatrists. These professionals offer the proper diagnosis and a customized treatment plan so you can get back on your feet soon, pain-free. Below are signs your visit to a podiatrist is long overdue.

You Have Foot Growths

Having foot growths such as blisters, bunions, and corns can be challenging, especially if you spend many hours on your feet. These forms of foot issues cannot work themselves out and can worsen with time if not treated right away. So be sure to contact your podiatrist to schedule an appointment immediately. They will examine if you have a foot infection and treat it before it spreads further and causes complications.

You Are Experiencing Severe Ankle Pain

Persistent ankle joint pain may be caused by arthritis, which is one of the most common joint conditions people struggle with today. It can also signify that the injury you had hasn't been healing as expected. Trying to work through the chronic pain will only increase the discomfort you feel and lead to further joint complications. 

Visit your podiatrist once you notice signs like tender, swollen, stiff, or red ankle joints. The foot expert will diagnose the cause of pain and provide the proper treatment to minimize and eliminate joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation. 

You Need Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic patients are required to see podiatrists regularly for foot care. Diabetes affects the flow of blood in the lower parts of the body, which makes it difficult for infections or wounds to fully heal. 

When you visit a podiatrist regularly, they will provide diabetic foot care to prevent this problem. Besides seeing a podiatrist for check-ups, also check your feet each day for reduced sensitivity or other developing issues.

You Have Foot Skin or Nail Issues

A podiatrist is the first foot specialist to call whenever you have foot skin or nail issues. These professionals are equipped to diagnose and treat foot skin conditions, including recurrent blistering and warts. They can also help with thickening, ingrown, and fungal nails, leaving your feet healthy and pain-free. Allow a podiatrist to provide proper medication to avert contamination rather than trying home treatments.

For more information, reach out to a local podiatrist.