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Treatment For Ankle Dislocation

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If your ankle has been dislocated, you are going to need treatment. If you do not receive treatment, you will find that it is difficult to walk and play sports. It could also cause problems with other areas of the body, particularly the spine. You will know if your ankle is dislocated based on your ability to walk and  any numbness you feel in your foot. Typically, you will be in so much pain that you won't be able to be comfortable at all until you receive treatment. Here's what you need to know about the treatment of your ankle dislocation:

  • Return to Normal Position: The first thing that your doctor is going to do is try to get the ankle as close to its normal position as possible. Sometimes all it takes is gentle traction to do this. However, you may be offered some type of sedative medicine in order to reduce the amount of pain you feel during this process. Sedative medicine will also help your muscles to relax so that it is easier for your doctor to return the ankle back to its normal position. 
  • X-Rays: X-rays are going to have to be taken in order to better see whether or not there is other damage to the nerves in the foot. If so, then your doctor will have to work to preserve nerve function with special treatments. This usually requires a special operation done by an orthopedic surgeon.
  • A Temporary Splint Is Made: Once the ankle is back to normal placement and X-rays have been done, your doctor is going to create a temporary splint. This splint is going to help reinforce the ankle into position.
  • Follow-Up Appointment: Once the splint has been made, your doctor is going to schedule a follow-up appointment. When you come to your follow-up appointment, your doctor will determine whether or not surgery is needed. If the splint hasn't helped to reinforce the ankle position, then surgery is typically scheduled. 
  • Rehabilitation: Whether or not you needed surgery, you are going to have to work with a physical therapist for rehabilitation of the ankle. He or she will create specialized exercises that will help the ankle heal and ensure that you are back to health in no time. This is especially important if you play sports since you want to return to optimal health as soon as possible. 

By knowing how treatment is done, you can know what to expect and you can better understand why receiving treatment from a doctor like Advanced Foot & Ankle Center of Palatine for ankle dislocation is so important.