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These Situations Suggest That You Should Visit A Podiatrist And Get Orthotics

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If you complain of foot pain during an appointment with your family doctor, he or she will likely recommend that you seek the care of a podiatrist, who can determine the nature of your discomfort and have orthotic inserts made to wear in your shoes. If you don't regularly attend doctor's checkups, however, you can bypass this referral and contact your local podiatry clinic directly to inquire whether orthotics may be right for you. There are a number of different reasons that people wear these assistive devices. Watch for these situations that could suggest that it's time to get fitted for orthotics.

Overly High Arches

Having high arches can be extremely painful; even if you're not experiencing pain right now, it's a good idea to get fitted for orthotics so that pain doesn't arise in the future. The orthotics will be made with a hard portion that supports your high arch in a way that the insoles in your shoes does not. If you're not sure if you have high arches, there's a simple way to check. Wet your feet on your deck or patio and take some steps. Then, look at your wet footprints. You'll see a heel mark and a mark from your toes and the balls of your feet, but if you see very little in between, it's a sign that your arch is high enough that it's not making contact with the ground.

Heels That Roll Inward

When you stand barefoot, have a family member stand behind you with a smartphone and take a picture. Then, check the photo and notice whether your feet stand upright nicely or whether your heels roll inward. In the latter case, your feet and ankles may look curved and your ankles may seem well out of alignment if you draw an imaginary vertical line between your heel and your shinbone. This issue can cause considerable pain, but orthotics can provide custom support to keep everything in alignment.

You're Sore After Running

Whether you've recently taken up running or you've been a longtime fitness enthusiast, you shouldn't settle for being sore after your workout. Post-run foot or ankle pain can leave you with a serious injury that prevents you from enjoying the many fitness benefits of running. Your podiatrist can determine the reason for your discomfort and get orthotics made that will support your running gait properly so that you'll be able to continue to enjoy this form of exercise.

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