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3 Tips To Prevent Serious Running Injuries

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Running can be a great way to give your body a cardiovascular workout while enjoying the outdoors. Serious runners must train regularly in order to keep their bodies ready to face the rigors of marathon races. This training can often lead to injuries that can make running uncomfortable.

If you are thinking of starting a serious training routine, keep these tips in mind to help you prevent serious running injuries from putting you on the sidelines in the future.

1. Invest in proper running shoes.

The shoes that you wear can have a significant impact on the overall health of your feet and ankles while running. Each person's foot is different, so it's important that you invest in running shoes that are suited for your unique foot type.

A reputable running store will be able to evaluate the shape of your feet and your running stride to help you determine which shoes will provide you with the greatest level of support.

2. Incorporate active recovery into your training.

The right training program can go a long way toward preventing serious running injuries. In addition to gradually increasing your training load, you need to incorporate active recovery into your routine.

Active recovery (like aqua-jogging or cycling on a recumbent bike) helps to maintain blood flow to your muscles as your body cools down after a long run. Increased blood flow can reduce the buildup of post-exercise waste products within the muscle that can cause injuries to appear.

Active recovery also restores glycogen levels within working muscles to help preserve their integrity over time.

3. Visit a podiatrist regularly.

As you work to train for an upcoming distance race, it's imperative that you form a partnership with a skilled podiatrist in your area. Runners often experience overuse injuries that are ignored because the symptoms come on gradually. These overuse injuries can develop into serious physiological problems if they are left unaddressed.

A podiatrist, like those represented at http://www.elmhurstpodiatry.com, will be able to help you spot the signs of an overuse injury caused by running and develop a rest schedule that will allow your body time to heal and recover. Look for a podiatrist that specializes in sports medicine to maximize the health of your feet and ankles during periods of intensive training.

If you love to run but you don't want to run the risk of developing a serious injury, schedule an appointment with a podiatric sports medicine specialist to discuss injury prevention strategies.